[xsl] using a parameter as filterexpression element

Subject: [xsl] using a parameter as filterexpression element
From: "Mattias Konradsson" <preacher@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 12:47:18 +0200
hmm, tricky this, I have an variable like this

     <xsl:variable name="selection_all" select="//header[Sender =

and want to make it so that instead of the Sender element in the filter it
takes a the element to filter against as an parameter, like

     <xsl:variable name="selection_all" select="//header[$TheElement =

doesnt work of course, and I'd guess this doesn't work either:

     <xsl:variable name="selection_all" select="//header[[local-name() =
$TheElement] = $current_user]"/>

so, is it possible to pass both the element and the element value in a

Best Regards
Mattias Konradsson

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