RE: [xsl] querystring and character escaping

Subject: RE: [xsl] querystring and character escaping
From: Mark Kennedy <MarkK@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 16:14:59 -0400

Unfortunately, I don't know where to go for full documentation of the IE5
parser. I found the 'no-entities' feature awhile ago while having the same
problem you did. I found the answer on, I think, in a posting from
a MS employee who had worked on the project. He said it was 'undocumented'
because it was non-standard and could result in not well-formed output
(which in many cases is exactly the point :-)



>Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 17:04:03 +0100 
>From: Jeremy Clarke <jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: [xsl] querystring and character escaping
>Thanks very much, does the trick fine.  Can you point me to 
>where some of
>these features might be 'documented'?
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>To:	Jeremy Clarke; 'xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
>Subject:	RE: [xsl] querystring and character escaping
>I think this might help you. I hope so...
>There is an 'undocumented feature' for the IE5 parser that 
>allows you to
>disable output escaping using the <xsl:eval> element with the 
>attribute set to true. I've used it to output non-well-formed HTML from
>CDATA sections. The following example will output the 
>JavaScript into the
>result document without escaping the < or & characters.
>x = 0;
>y = 1;
>z = 2;
>if( x < y && y < z ) { document.write( 'Hello, World!' ) }
><xsl:template match="foobar">
>	<xsl:eval no-entities="true">this.text</xsl:eval>
>The same thing can be used to output URLs with non-escaped ampersands.

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