BladeRunner XSL support (was: Re: [xsl] fo: issues)

Subject: BladeRunner XSL support (was: Re: [xsl] fo: issues)
From: Martin Dransfield <mdransfield@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 11:18:14 +0100
Nikolai Grigoriev writes:
 > Dwayne,
 > I have no information about BladeRunner implementation of XSL FO. 
 > There's not much data publicly available - not even the version 
 > of the XSL they support. So I try to give you some advice, based
 > on the current version of the spec (XSL CR of November 2000).
 > Please check in your docs if it can be applied to your formatter.

BladeRunner supports the XSLT 1.0 recommendation but only the
1999-04-21 Working draft of XSL-FO
<>.  The XSLT engine is XALAN
(I'm unsure of the version), but the FO processor is home-brewed based
on the Interleaf QuickSilver publishing system.  The results you can
achieve are constrained by QuickSilver's capabilities, the techniques
used to do the conversion to QuickSilver which happens behind the
scenes, but mostly by the XSL-FO WD.

It's almost certain that some of Nikolai's suggestions will not work
because of the differences between the WD and the CR.  You will need
to talk to BroadVision to get this changed; I don't think it is a
high-priority issue for them at the moment.



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