RE: [xsl] XSL transformations with Javascript

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL transformations with Javascript
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 18:04:11 +0100
Hi Matt,
Not really questions for this list but here goes.
>Hello ALL,
>This question is in three parts, fairly unrelated ... all fall under the
>but I figured to ask them in one message to not annoy those of you, with
>a second message... !
>I apologize, its rather difficult to explain these scenarios clearly,
>hopefully the basics are there, and someone with experience in the
>matter already will pickup on it!
>1.) I try to display status messages while I am doing transformations,
>For example...
>   If I run the following script, the "LOADING..." never gets
>   resultDIV.innerHTML = '<TABLE ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0"
>   resultDIV.innerHTML = data.transformNode(ss.XMLDocument);
>   If I place an alert in between these statements, I can see that it
>does change, but just before the transformation replaces it with the
>      Ultimately I learned that I could call the second statement with a
>settimeout() and that would achieve the desired results.  I feel like
>this is a bit of a hack, and was hoping someone could explain this in
>greater detail, or even explain why!  Does JavaScript run

No. While script is executing nothing much else happens. The settimeout allows the window to update the status bar. Try a forever loop and see what doesn't happen.
>2.)   Next I decide to replace the boring text with an animated GIF!  I
>replaced the first line to be:
>      resultDIV.innerHTML = '<TABLE ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0"
>      Problem: the GIF isn't animated.  If I display the graphic on any
>page in the <HTML> I have no problems, and the graphic is animated...
>but for some reason, if I set the innerHTML of the div, with the
>graphic, it remains at the first layer/frame of the .GIF.
>     Any ideas on how to make my GIF animated again?

Not that I know of. 
>3.)  If I place a <script>alert('something here')</script> in my
>stylesheet, perform a transformation, the script never gets executed...
>is it possible to do this?
No. simple <script elements are just output to the result tree. <msxsl:script elements are executed during transformation but use only the basic language. alert is a method of the window object so isn't available.

Ciao Chris

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