Re: [xsl] How can I reindent an XML-file for readability?

Subject: Re: [xsl] How can I reindent an XML-file for readability?
From: Goetz Bock <bock@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 20:06:21 +0200
On Tue, Jun 05 '01 at 16:42, Janning Vygen wrote:
> It works fine for xml documents which are just one file in the file system
> How can i reindent files which belong to one big xml document.
> if i have a master.xml with external entitites like this:
> <book><docinfo><author>anybody</author></docinfo>
>   &part1;
>   &part2;
> </book>
> i cant apply the given stylsheet to this masterfile because i get one big 
> indented xml, but i want to keep the xml file splitted into small entities.
> Is there a way to indent those files with XSL?
Jein ;-)

You must use the given XSL-T on the included files, not on the master
files. If you reindent the master file the included files are included
by the XML parser and the XSL-T processor can not figure out, that the
given section of an XML document was included using an entity.


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