[xsl] date function in XSLT or XPATH

Subject: [xsl] date function in XSLT or XPATH
From: angie.tong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 11:28:20 -0400
Is there a function that retrieves the system date and time in XPATH
language or XSLT?  I need to convert an XML file into a flat file format
and I need to insert a timestamp that the file is created at the end.  I
can't seem to find any date or timestamp function.  Or if that's not
available, how to run a shell command and capture the output?  For example,
let's say I'm running the translation in Windows using Microsoft's XML
parser 3.0.  Is there a command to shell out to the DOS prompt and run the
'date' command to get current date and time.  Thanks.

Angie T.

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