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Subject: RE: [xsl] Performance
From: "Andrew Kimball" <akimball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 14:12:01 -0700
If you only want to measure XSLT performance, don't use the browser.
Use msxsl.exe (available from, under XML/XSL/MSXSL.EXE
Command Line Transformation Utility) instead with the -t option (gives
load, compile, and execution times).

In my experience, nearly all of the time the browser takes to show the
results of a transformation is spent in the HTML rendering engine, not
in the XSLT engine.  To see if this is the case, generate your .HTM file
using msxsl.exe, and then load that file in the browser.  If my
suspicions are correct, most of the 7 minutes will be used by the
browser, not by MSXSL.EXE.

If it turns out that MSXSL.EXE is taking most of the time, please post
your .XSLT file so that I and others can see what sort of transformation
you're attempting.  Sometimes really bad performance can be remedied by
using faster algorithms or other XSLT features (such as keys).

~Andy Kimball

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I'm using MSXML3 and I'm trnasforming a huge xml documents (about 1.3
MB) using xsl to html.

The problem is that the transformation takes a very long time and
sometimes IE 5.5 crashes and the transformation stops.

How should u increase the performance?? cause it sometimes takes up to 7
and this is definitely not acceptable, is MSXML3 capable of transforming
big xml documents??

Any Ideas or links about this issue would be very helpful.

Thanks guys in advance.

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