[xsl] persistance to the response object

Subject: [xsl] persistance to the response object
From: pcaspian@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 10:28:06 +0100
Lang: ASP
Plat: Win2000

Hi, I am trying to persist to the response object. I essentially want to
recreate my current ASP page and 
basically divide it into 3 sections, which will be read in from different
areas. The top and bottom sections are converted to XSL from an XML file,
however the middle section I will want to initially get data from the SQL
server into a recordset (no prob) and then read it into a response object,
which will store it until I want to retrieve it for use in my next page.

I am having trouble with the whole idea behind this. I would expect to
write to the response object , give it some name, and then be able to
retrieve the "stream" with request.form("xmlstreamname") and write this to
the page/recordset.

Seeing as I will be using three different areas of using XSLT in my page, I
think I am making an error as in the example I am learning from there are a
number of confusing lines.

Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
Response.Write "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""ISO-8869-1"" ?>" & vbCRLF
recordset.Save Response, adPersistsXML

*** Does this mean I can only write 1 response item ??

Sorry, the book isnt very clear. What I would want is a way to write a
stream of info to a item and be able to retrieve that item again later with
a request.

ANy help much appreciated



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