[xsl] Node vs TreeFragment

Subject: [xsl] Node vs TreeFragment
From: "Mikal Keenan" <mikal.keenan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 12:06:20 -0500
> Xselerator from
> Marrosoft.

Haven't been able to find it via websearch.  URL maybe?

> > <xsl:variable name="theData" select="someParent/someNode[@a='aKey' and
> > @b='bKey' and @c='cKey']/data" />
> >
> Yes, you've guessed the syntax correctly.
> But couldn't you have (a) looked it up in a book, or (b) tried it on an XSLT
> processor? Asking the list is a pretty inefficient mechanism compared with
> either of these.
> Mike Kay

Wel, not really Mike ... given that I've never used XML/XSL and the books don't reference the syntax ... I have yet to see and example of an "and" in xml or xsl reading, and tools that I'm using balk at what I've typed.  I typed the "and" above as pseudocode.

On another note ... I'm trying to get at the node/treefragment that would be represented by "data" above.  FOP balks, saying that I can't convert a treefragment into a nodelist.  How can I get the treefragment represented by "data" into a variable which can then be dereferenced?  If the "and" works, it will still be very bulky because I will be creating a lot of variables from nodes within "data"?  Any advice?  Last approach was to use a named template to return "data".

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