RE: [xsl] Multiple Selects

Subject: RE: [xsl] Multiple Selects
From: "Jason Macki" <jmacki@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:40:46 -0500
Another problem (unrelated to the issue with the select element), is
that the <OPTION> tags need to be closed in order for the stylesheet to
be valid XML.

- Jason

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Subject: Re: [xsl] Multiple Selects

[Tanzila Mohammad]

> I am trying to include a multiple select tag in my xsl sheet:
> i.e.
> <SELECT NAME="Bathroom colors" SIZE="5" MULTIPLE>
> <OPTION>White
> <OPTION>Green
> <OPTION>Black
> The error I get when I include the 'MULTIPLE' is:
> - the attribute select must be followed by the '=' character.
> Any suggestions?

You must supply the value of an attribute in xml.  Try

<SELECT NAME="Bathroom colors" SIZE="5" MULTIPLE='true'>

Tom P

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