RE: [xsl] HTML in CDATA

Subject: RE: [xsl] HTML in CDATA
From: Chris Kruse <Kruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:09:56 -0700
Have you tried using entities instead (i.e. &lt; &gt; )?

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Subject: [xsl] HTML in CDATA

If I have HTML in a CDATA region like here:

<article><![CDATA[Test News<br><br>Test News<br><br>Test News]]></article>

Then all I would need to do in order to do in order to get the HTML to
display (no &lt ;'s or &gt ;'s) is do <xsl:value-of select="article" />

This is not working because it is outputted with lts and gts instead of <
and >...

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