[xsl] Correct way to handle nested tags

Subject: [xsl] Correct way to handle nested tags
From: Athanasios Gaitatzes <gaitat@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 13:08:45 +0300
> I have the xml:
> <text>
>   some text <img src="img1.gif"/>
>   more text <img src="img2.gif"/>
>   some more text <img src="img3.gif"/>
>   end of text
> </text>
> How would I generate the html:
> "some text <img src="img1.gif"> more text <img src="img2.gif"> some
> text <img src="img3.gif"> end of text"

Sorry about my previous post. I wanted to apply different styles to the
images so the html should be:
"some text <img style="some style" src="img1.gif"> more text <img
style="some style" src="img2.gif"> some more
> text <img style="some style" src="img3.gif"> end of text"

Thank you.

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