[xsl] DOS File format from transform on UNIX machine

Subject: [xsl] DOS File format from transform on UNIX machine
From: Camilla Clifford <cclifford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 16:56:27 +0100
I'm trying to generate a text file in DOS file format using an xsl transform
which is carried out on a unix box.  My primary concern is to provide a
readable file, with line breaks, to view in a basic text editor such as

I've tried inserting the carriage return and line feed characters using:

<xsl:variable name="dosLineFeed"><xsl:value-of

which does insert a carriage return and line feed, but this still isn't
recognized by notepad. 

Is there any way to replicate the effect of the 'unix2dos' command within
xsl ?

I'm using xalan_1_0_1/xerces_1_3


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