[xsl] xalan

Subject: [xsl] xalan
From: "Jeel Patel" <jeel_1978@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 07:07:42 -0000
I want to trasform xml to html using XALAN C++. I using a small C++ code where in I use LoadLibrary to access the xalantransformer.dll.

From the documents provided, the XalanTransformer.cpp has the
method transform (const char*, const char*, const char*)
In my C++ program i use GetProcAddress to access the .DLL after loadin it and then using the method transform where I pass 3 parameters that the method requires.

I get a memory error when I execute the code. Do I need any other .dll or any other files.
I have my XalanTransformer.dll in the Winnt\system32 folder and I am very sure that the .dll file is being accessed.

Any help will be appreciated


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