Re: using EXSLT {RE: [xsl] date calculation from Excel 1900 Format}

Subject: Re: using EXSLT {RE: [xsl] date calculation from Excel 1900 Format}
From: Xiaocun Xu <xiaocunxu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:56:35 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, Jeni:

  Thanks for all your help.  Following your advices, I
was able to convert the date/time from Excel 1900
format precisely in XSL.

> > C. when import just the templates:
> > <xsl:import href="date.add.template.xsl"/>
> > <xsl:import href="date.duration.template.xsl" />
> > Uses xsl:call-template and run Saxon, it works and
> > outputs "2002-01-03T01:00:00".
> Cool.  Note, as I said, that the date is off by 2
> days, because Excel
> starts the count at 1 and because it thinks that
> 1900 is a leap year.

As always, this was right on the spot, as well as your
previous comment about the need to use translate() to
get the format "2002-01-03 01:00:00".

> > The good news is I found a way that works. The
> questions I have
> > though is, how to get approach B to work?
> Come over to the EXSLT list
> ( and we'll see
> if we can work out what's going wrong.

Thanks for the invite.  I will do exactly that.

Thanks again,

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