[xsl] XML -> XML and generate position in attribute problem

Subject: [xsl] XML -> XML and generate position in attribute problem
From: m.vanrootseler@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 17:51:05 +0200
I?ve got the following prob that?s kept me busy all week. I want to convert
one XML file into another in order to save me from having to write difficult
macros in Word. The original XML looks something like this:

	<line lineID="1">Hello there. World</line>
	<line lineID="2">one two, testing</line>
etc. etc. etc.

What I want to do is wrap a <word>-tag around all words within <line>-tags,
plus automatically generate something like 'wordID="x"' as well. The output
of the sample above should look like this (underscores are spaces in this

	<line lineID="1">
		<word wordID="1">Hello</word>_<word wordID="2">there</word>._<word
	<line lineID="2">
		<word wordID="1">one</word>_<word wordID="2">two</word>,_<word

I know I can use <copy> to copy the original tags (with their attributes?)
and probably use position() to work out the wordID (or am I wrong here?) but
I simply can?t figure out how to do this. Plus I also have to look out for
full stops and commas and exclude them from getting into the <word>-tags.
Has anyone got any clues, ideas, tips (or totally-ready-made code) for me?
Much appreciated.


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