RE: [xsl] Re: Any Doc to XML converter ?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: Any Doc to XML converter ?
From: "Joshua Allen" <joshuaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 19:29:28 -0700
> A friend of mine is fond of saying "Who needs style when you've got
> substance?"
> It is "garbage" because it is high on style and low on substance.

Have you used it?  I am curious, because for me it doesn't add any style
at all unless I ask it to.  The way I use it, I simply have it output
all of the "content" of my word document, putting each paragraph in an
element that has an attribute describing whether it is "heading1",
"caption", etc.  In fact, it only outputs the attributes with "style
name" because I check the option box that tells it to do so.  I hope we
aren't discussing based on assumptions someone made based on reading a
one-sentence description.  I apologize for posting off-topic, but I'd
hate to have someone overlook a tool that answers a question that is
often asked on this list simply because of some uninformed comments.

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