[xsl] new W3C working drafts

Subject: [xsl] new W3C working drafts
From: Pedro Pastor <pps@xxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:48:29 +0200
Dear all,

I have recently read up the XQuery family of draft specifications, along
with the XPath 2.0, and have some question to those people participating
in the working groups involved (or anybody else very well informed).

In the XQueryX 1.0 draft, appendix B.2 XQueryX Issues, Issue 4 "Should
there be some clear relationship between XQueryX and XSLT?

Question: What are the options for this relationship ?? What could we
expect ??

And related to Issue 1: "Should path expressions be expanded ??"

Question: Could we expect (bet & pray !!) to have XPathX (XPath
expressed in XML syntax) option for XPath 2.0 ??

Any other extra information about the future trends of XPath 2.0 and
XSLT 2.0, and their relationship with XQuery 1.0 standard will be

Pedro Pastor
University of Alicante

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