RE: [xsl] IE6:clientside - XML to string?

Subject: RE: [xsl] IE6:clientside - XML to string?
From: "Joshua Allen" <joshuaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 20:22:48 -0700
You could try
(I apologize if line breaks appear; should be all one URL) and probably
get a better answer.

Some things to note -- it is not technically valid in XML to have a tag
with the name "XML", although IE is lax on this.  Another thing to note
is that the XML DOM and the DHTML DOM are not the same DOM; they are two
different W3C specs.  You are probably looking for something like
getElementByName or getElementById("source").innerHTML, which is also
valid in Netscape 6 now.


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> Subject: [xsl] IE6:clientside - XML to string?
> Sorry for the OT post, but it seems like this is the best place to ask
> question...
> Is it possible given the following in on an html page:
> <XML id="source" src="abc.xml"></XML>
> to get the a string representation of the xml from some DOM method
> javascript?  (I am having troubles finding documentation at MS for IE6
> which
> is in beta)
> ----------------------------
> If abc.xml was:
> <article>
>   <para> blah blah</para>
> </article>
> ---------------------------
> then is there something like?
> var theXMLasString= source.toString()
> which make this true:
> theXMLasString=='<article>\n%20%20<para> blah
> // or whatever the proper string notation is...
> thanks for any help or pointers,
> Rob
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