AW: [xsl] evaulate

Subject: AW: [xsl] evaulate
From: Andreas Waechter <A.Waechter@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 10:35:42 +0200
>> if i have a variable
>>    <xsl:variable name="title" value="no_title"/>
>>     <xsl:variable name="script" value="sdfhskadh__$title_"/>
>> are there any evalute function that the $title is subtituted
>> with "no_title"
>> when i print out the variable "script"?
>> P.S. I can't use Xalan 2 or Saxon evaluate funtions.
>If you can't use extension functions, then you can't achieve this is
>standard XSLT.

Did I miss something here or why is it not possible to simply use
<xsl:variable name="title">no_title</xsl:variable>
<xsl:variable name="script">sdfhskadh__<xsl:value-of

Andreas Waechter

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