Re: [xsl] Including a document

Subject: Re: [xsl] Including a document
From: Johannes Döbler <jd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:26:18 +0200
A xslt processor should hopefully read and parse B.xml only when he evalutes the first document('B.xml')-call and reuse its internal representation when evaluating the second call.
Why? The processor has to obey the XSLT Rec.: "Two documents are treated as the same document if they are identified by the same URI." (chapter 12.1) - and using the same internal representation is the easiest way for that.


Hi Folks

    I have an xml file called "A.xml" and a corresponding "A.xsl".
Now in the file "A.xsl" I use document() to get the contents
of another file "B.xml" and there are templates in "A.xsl" that display
the contents of "B.xml".

   What do I have to do to apply the get the contents of "B.xml"
more that once. Currently I am calling document('B.xml') twice
from A.xsl. Is there anyother way to do this other than calling
it twice.

  The reason I am not interested in calling document() twice, is because
every time document is called, "B.xml" is read, parsed etc. and suppose
if B.xml is a very large file, doing it twice seems a waste of resources.

Any help or direction will be gladly accepted.

Joseph Rajkumar

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