[xsl] Re: xsl:import and caching under MSXML3

Subject: [xsl] Re: xsl:import and caching under MSXML3
From: "Sergej Rinc" <sergej@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:14:40 +0200
  Hi Joel,

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> Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 15:50:20 -0700
> From: "Joel P Thornton" <joelt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [xsl] xsl:import and caching under MSXML3
> I am working on implementing a cache for XSL stylesheets under MSXML3 and
> My question is this: If a stylesheet I want to cache contains an
> <xsl:import> instruction, then does the stylesheet pointed to by the
> instruction's @href node get cached along with it, using MSXML3's
> IXSLTemplate functionality?

  From my tests, yes. But one answer you have received hasn't asked you :-)
why you want to implement your own cache. You have now - this is what I've
tested and there were allready some notes on the list about - XSL ISAPI
Filter 2.1 available from Micro$oft, see

  Read the caching section in this document - stylesheets get in-memory
cached and are valid n minutes where n can be set in
/xslisapi/masterConfig.xml, in <cache cleanup="n" /> tag. No caching means n
is 0 etc. On systems with XSLTemplate object "stylesheets will be
precompiled and cached as XSLTemplate objects for improved performance.
Otherwise, they are cached as XMLDOM documents."

> If the answer is yes, then thanks. No further information needed :)

  Well, you haven't provided enough information. :-) And I guess this is
interesting to all listers (having to live with M$ technologies where
clients demand them).

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