Re: [xsl] given @id="1.2.3" .... -1 || +1 to the "3" in @id??

Subject: Re: [xsl] given @id="1.2.3" .... -1 || +1 to the "3" in @id??
From: tcn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Trevor Nash)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 09:24:02 GMT
There are two answers to this (at least ;-)

>given @id="1.2.3", how do I add or subtract 1 from the
>'.3' in the string "1.2.3" in a stylesheet?
>I need to create "prev | next" links generated from
>the current @id number for a file. ie - 'prev' link
>would be equal to '1.2.2', and 'next' link would be
>equal to '1.2.4'

The first is to point you at the substring() and concat() functions
(in XPath rather than XSLT, if you are working from the specs) which
you can use to rip the string apart, do the required arithmetic, and
glue it all back together again.  Conversion between numbers and
strings is usually implicit, though you can use string() and number()
if you need to or prefer to be explicit.  Yes, you can write Basic
programs in XSLT ;-))

Assuming you need to deal with id's of different lengths such as
23.4.874 or you may need to look up recursive templates to
help you do the ripping apart.

The second answer is that you probably do not want to do it like this
at all.  How do you know that the next link for 1.2.3 is 1.2.4 and not
1.3 or 1.3.1 or even nothing at all?  It is much more likley that you
should be navigating to the next node within your XML document perhaps
using following:: or following-sibling:: then simply copying the @id
you find there.  This has the added benefit that it would still work
if your identifiers were like 1.2.a.  Without seeing your XML and
knowing whether you can change its design it is hard to advise

Trevor Nash

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