Re: [xsl] custom for-each loop in XSLT

Subject: Re: [xsl] custom for-each loop in XSLT
From: "cutlass" <cutlass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 14:55:56 +0100
hello guru,

u are thinking in procedural terms, which is being reflected in your want to
create code that 'counts' etc, its easier to make something datacentric, of
course they may be out of your control though.

a 2 pass solution: why not merge your data.xml with aan empty calender.xml
( which has 7 empty days ) then display what u require, testing for the
empty condition or u could use the position() command and explicity run
through all 7 positions.

cheers, jim fuller

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Subject: [xsl] custom for-each loop in XSLT

> Hi
> I have a timesheet XML which needs to be transformed
> to using XSLT.
>  In this xml , data about a employee's timesheet
> details(maximum of 7 days) are present. In some cases
> it might happen that the employee may fill up
> timesheet for only 3 days so no empty day nodes are
> retuned in which case, I have to show empty text boxes
> for the remaining days(to add upto 7 days). For
> showing the data entered by employee I can use
> for-each in XSLT, but what to do for rest of the days,
> as for-each wont accept a number.Can I specify that
> number in any way, for it display the empty text
> fields (depending on how many days have not been
> entered by the user)? How can I achieve this ? Help
> please and a big thanks in advance:)
> Guru
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