Re: [xsl] Pure XML & Javascript on client-side

Subject: Re: [xsl] Pure XML & Javascript on client-side
From: Oleg Tkachenko <olegt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 17:55:16 +0200
Thomas Morf wrote:
Hi all

My web pages are "pure" xml (meaning no HTML or XHTML is used) which >is
styled on the client using CSS. To add interactivity, I use >Javascript. I transform a source XML file with XSLT before it's sent to the >browser. The problem is that, when I use <xsl:output method="text/xml">,
You probably mean <xsl:output method="xml"> ?


<input type="checkbox" name="foo" onclick="function(getAttribute('name'))">


<input type="checkbox" name="foo"
Which xslt processor are you using ? This example evaluate to
<input type="checkbox" name="foo" onclick="function(getAttribute('name'))"/>
to me in msxml and saxon. XML output method must output well-formed xml and this combination of " and ' is well-formed. I think you meant more complex case where you have to intermingle " and ' in attribute's value, like onclick="func('data with "bla"')", which is not well-formed xml and have to be escaped. Or try a better solution - move all javascript code to one place (CDATA section) or to external js file to get free from well-formedness constraints in javascript code.

Similarly <script>var varname ="name" </script> is not possible.
But why ? It's well-formed xml. The only problem will arise if you try to use < and & in text, they must be escaped. Or use comments:

		<![CDATA[if  a <= "d" bla()]]>
Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International

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