Re: [xsl] document() path created from xml

Subject: Re: [xsl] document() path created from xml
From: "Aleksei Valikov" <valikov@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 12:28:08 +0200
> I'm trying to load an xml document with document(), every file has an id
> I need to take this id from the originaly loaded xml, I tried this with a
> variable but I can't get it to work, this one of the xsls I tried:
> <xsl:variable name="path">
>    document('../data/institutions/institutions_country0.xml')/institutions
> </xsl:variable>


<xsl:variable name="path"

> <xsl:apply-templates select="$path"/>
> A related question; is there any way of seeing what the result of an
> expression is? I know I'm doing something wrong but "Reference to variable
> or parameter 'path' must evaluate to a node list" is a bit vague, I would
> like to see what's actually happening...

In original statement you've assigned to $path result tree fragment with a
root node and text nove of value
To get the result of an expression use select attribute.


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