[xsl] Large Text to Output without escape characters

Subject: [xsl] Large Text to Output without escape characters
From: "Carlos Fragoso Mariscal" <cfragoso@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 03:26:33 +0200
Hi to everyone,

Firstly, thnx to all of those who answered my
previous question.

Now, I have another problem and I think I know
the solution but I don't know how to implement it.

I want to output a large text, specifically an
e-mail body, in an XML file like this:


     Here goes a Java instruction to output
     the e-mail body. So here goes the body
     of the message as it is, with any
     character, included those who are
     reserved to XML (&,@,etc).


So, I have read so many mail threads about
the & substitution to &amp;, and I think
that's clear. 

But, what happens when you've got an xml
file with a large text without escape
characters?!? Which is the best solution
to output that text?

I thought to put a CDATA on the textBody like this

        <![CDATA[  ]]>

and then when the xsl:template that matches
textBody do a

 <xsl:text><xsl:value of select='.'></xsl:text>

If I output the value between xsl:text then I should
have the output text escaped.

The problem is that the xsl:value of does'nt work,
what Xpath expression do i need?

Thank you in advance,
sorry about the length of the topic.

Carles Fragoso i Mariscal
Supercomputing Center of Catalonia
Communications & Operations Dept.
<cfragoso@xxxxxxxx> +34932056464

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