RE: [xsl] getting multiple values

Subject: RE: [xsl] getting multiple values
From: Joerg Pietschmann <joerg.pietschmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 12:50:18 +0200
P Vikram <vikram_good_boy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can anybody help.iam getting alternate values.Iam
> getting 2,4,6.

That's the expected behaviour of your code.
> idarray = new Array();		 		 
> var j =0;
> while (testvar.nextNode()){
>  alert(testvar.nextNode().text);
> }
Stap by step:
  while( testvar.nextNode() ) 
gets the node <ID>1</ID> from the tree
will show the text of the next node, which is <ID>2</ID>
The loop starts over, and
  while( testvar.nextNode() ) 
gets again the next node, which is <ID>3</ID>, and so on.

Some hints to reduce the potential annoyance you might cause
to other members of this list.
1. Learn to avoid posting the same stuff multiple times.
2. Learn to trim down unnecessary quotes, especially at the
   end of your answer (well, there are worse offenders than
3. Learn to spell and to format texts properly.
4. Learn to control your mail client in order to format
   embedded code and examples properly.
5. Get manuals and text books about the tools and lanugages
   you are using. Learn to read them.
6. Learn to read and adhere to list charters.
7. If all else fails, take an off-line course in programming,
   you'd be much happier afterwards (or looking for another


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