RE: [xsl] FOO vs FO

Subject: RE: [xsl] FOO vs FO
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 16:05:46 -0700
fo = formatting objects
fop = focused on presentation, a dandy boy
flop = what usually happens

scroo foo


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> Someone had some time on their hands!
> Just last weekend, in a bookstore, I was looking through Microsoft's
> documentation style guide, and noticed the explicit prohibition of the use
> of "foobar" or its components as being too slangy.
> I did pick up a "FOO" bumper sticker (modeled after the 2- and
> 3-letter oval
> stickers so popular in the States, e.g. "VT," "MV," "OBX," etc.) at Linux
> World. It's still the only bumper sticker on our car.
> I thought that "FOO" vs. "FO" was an interesting question. I'm surprised
> more people don't ask why "xsl" is the most common namespace
> prefix used in
> XSLT, but not XSL, for which "fo" is.
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