RE: [xsl] Fast Processor XSLt

Subject: RE: [xsl] Fast Processor XSLt
From: "Andrew Kimball" <akimball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 15:08:57 -0700
Can you post your .XML and .XSL files?  Sometimes there are modifications you can make that will significantly speed up your transformations.  Also, for all stylesheets I've perf tested (close to 100 stylesheets that do useful work) MSXML 4.0 is quite a bit faster than 3.0 (I've seen from 30% faster to 15 times faster, with an average of maybe 3-4 times faster).  4.0 was last released to the web in July, as a Beta, which you can download.  The next release will be the final production release and is due out this fall.

~Andy Kimball

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Subject: [xsl] Fast Processor XSLt

Hi all,

I use the MSXML processor XSLt, and my applications have occupy many time to
Someone know a processor XSLt most fast to run in local Windows platform
(not Web)?



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