[xsl] XML -> XML preserving CDATA

Subject: [xsl] XML -> XML preserving CDATA
From: "Roman Heinz" <rheinz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:12:04 +0200
Hi *.

I have to do a XML->XML transformation.
My source XML can contain different (unknown) elements with CDATA
which should be copied preserving the CDATA sections untouched.

<foo><![CDATA[ Chic&Apart ]]></foo>
<bar><![CDATA[ 99 < 100 ]]></bar>

Should pass the transformation untouched and shoud not result in

<bar>99 < 100</bar>

which would be obviously invalid input for further processing.

I can't use
<xsl:output cdata-section-elements="foo, bar"/>
because I don't know which elements will have a CDATA section during

How can this be done?


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