Re: [xsl] Problems with Parser MSXML4 July

Subject: Re: [xsl] Problems with Parser MSXML4 July
From: "Paulo Henrique S. Bermejo" <bermejo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:36:06 -0300
I install the IE6 and only one problem persist.
My xml document have a reference to a stylesheet (correct) but different of
version 3, it don't transform in format designed by my stylesheet (html).
I have to install anything yet?

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From: Paulo Henrique S. Bermejo
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Subject: [xsl] Problems with Parser MSXML4 July


I'm testing the processor MSXML4 Release July, and I met problems whith the
I think excelent the others versions of MSXML processor, and this absolutely
to be too.
I maked every the passes describes in url:
p?url=/MSDN-FILES/027/001/677/msdncompositedoc.xml but the problem persist.
One of errors have message: "Error not especified", and in the other (some
times), in the open the xml document the browser try to make download.
Obs: I run too to test the file "xmlinst.exe" describe in url:
I need to resolve this error urgently, whether someone to can help me, my

Cheers all,

Paulo Bermejo

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