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From: "cutlass" <cutlass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 12:58:21 +0100

axkit was/is a good platform for testing etc....

it is now being moved,, i think ( please dont take my word !!! also i dont
want to be accused of spreading rumours ), to apache.

though the axkit.org site is currently down, i suppose this may be due to it
being possibly moved to apache org.

my thoughts;

- its initial setup can be a nightmare, due mostly that u need mod_perl and
things to install correctly, though in the past year it is gotten admittedly
much smoother.
- in its basic functionality, it performs xslt transforms on your xml file
and delivers the result through your webserver
- nice control and caching functions using apache directives
- deals with xsl:params by parsing in the url, which is a good and bad thing
- extensive support with extension functions in taglibs, and of course its
got perl
- loads of support in the form of an active dev list and now thats its
moving to apache ( i think.....) even better
- good example of what a webserver should be doing in a years time, bog
- ok performance

- dependancy on sablotron or libxslt for parsing; though great parsers
sometimes it would be nice to choose
- suffers from lack of full development docs, though this is being addressed
- architecture was conceived early on, which was great for us early
adopters, looking forward to a refactoring of certain things which takes
into account xforms and other emerging vocabs/protocols

overall, i highly recc it, as a test platform, after awhile you will know if
its durable enough for your commercial requirements.
maybe someone closer to the axkit ( Matt S ?? ) could comment.

here are some relevant articles.


regards, jim fuller

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> hi i have just read about the AxKit.pm module.
> i just wondered what peoples opinion on this module, are there any
> with it, what are its good and bad points, etc
> cheers
> Ian
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