RE: [xsl] FO Comparison to HTML and PDF

Subject: RE: [xsl] FO Comparison to HTML and PDF
From: Joshua.Kuswadi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 15:53:09 +1100
Hi Raul,
>  Also since FO is an intermidate 
> format and 
> lacks a native browser, it might be proper to compare it to these two formats.

Here are some thoughts from my limited understanding.

As you've noted, FO is an intermediate format, which can be used to generate 'higher fidelity' documents. PDF is one type of 'higher fidelity' document format. In one sense, FO is to PDF what HTML is to a browser. As you know, different browsers can render the same piece of HTML differently and may support varying amounts of the spec, plus a few add ons. So, in the same way there are different tools to 'read' an FO document, and display it as a PDF.

Note, I am not saying that the only use of FO is to produce PDFs.

That's how it sits in my mind, feel free to correct me.


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