[xsl] FO question, reg. display-align attribute

Subject: [xsl] FO question, reg. display-align attribute
From: "Scherpenzeel, Wim" <Wim.Scherpenzeel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 15:44:30 +0100
Hi all

I recently stumbled on something strange, regarding one of the attributes of
the fo-region-after element. According to the Recommendation, the allowed
values for the attribute 'display-align' are: auto,before,center,after,

Now I came across a FO containing somewhere the value "right" for

When I try to render this FO using XEP, I get a nice error message (saying
something like: you can't use 'right' here it must be one of
auto,before,center,after, inherit.)

The XSL Formatter from Antenna house doesn't seem to mind, it gives no error
or warning and happily generates PDF (which looks correct)

Now the strange thing is that both renderers claim to be based on the
canidate Recommendation of November 21, 2000 - and even in that version,
left and right are not mentioned as legal values for the attribute

I am confused, can you help me?


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