Re: [xsl] string replace with ­

Subject: Re: [xsl] string replace with ­
From: Peter Flynn <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 23:33:29 +0000
Miller, James V (CRD) wrote:
Either of these is fine with me. I am just trying to allow the browser to break the string "" at the '.' over a line-end. If there is a hyphenless way to do this, that
would be great.

Some print-formatters have routines to do this but I don't know of one for XSLT, and I don't know how many browsers will honour the relevant non-spacing break character (Unicode expert needed here).

This content is inside of a table element and am I just trying to give the browser an opportunity to reformat the string.

A very good idea.

I would also like allow the browser to break lines at a "/".

That would be one of the permissible breakpoints, but you run into trouble if it breaks the "method" component as in http:/ / in the "wrong" place. This is why an algorithm is needed, not a simple insertion.

Is there a difference in what is returned by xsl:value-of when called for an element vs an attribute?

If the two contain identical character data, no.

As a concrete example, the attribute value


should have been translated to


but becomes


Wrong encoding, I think.


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