RE: [xsl] Server Side Transformation Implementation

Subject: RE: [xsl] Server Side Transformation Implementation
From: "Steven Noels" <stevenn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 08:52:23 +0100
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> Subject: [xsl] Server Side Transformation Implementation
> I've been having some basic problems with server-side transformation of my
> XML files.  My site is being hosted on Apache, but how do I know if Xalan or
> any other type of decoder is installed?  What would be an intelligent way to
> phrase the question to the hosting company?  When I find that they have
> either Xalan, or they install it for me, how do I have to change my XML &
> XSL files so that the transformation is done server side and not client
> side?  Is it only the first few lines of the XSL file, or the whole structure?

1) You'll have to look for a hosting company that supports Java on the server side.
That already is a real treasure hunt - we found ours @ AOIndustries.
2) You or your provider will have to set up a server-side transformation solution.
One suggestion: We did this in concert with our
3) Depending on the serverside solution you choose, you will have to change your
existing xml/xsl or not.

All the best,

Steven Noels

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