[xsl] linking troubles

Subject: [xsl] linking troubles
From: Arend Vogtländer <a.vogtlaender@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 09:47:12 +0100
hello, i have some troubles with linking inside of a document.
i want to create a document with content-table linked to the contents in the
same document
from a xml file that has information about let´s say: a book , and a related
xsl-file to format it.
the style-transformations are done very well, but the functionalities seem
not to work, when i just send it to i-explorer.
or maybe just part of the functionalities, the <a name="bla"> jumpmarks.
i just checked the samples that you presented here, and i did it just like
that, i think.
i switched between <a name=""> and <a id=""> as jumpmark but none would
when i use a link created that way, it tries to open an new page, with
exactly the adress, that would be correct (name of the same site the link is
in, + #linkname) but as a new file, that i-expl can´t find.
i guess i have to parse and writedown first for that ?( i really don´t want
to )
too bad i had a unhandeled exception when i tried to do it with xalan, so i
couldn´t check that.
if you are not disturbed by it, could i send you the source, to have a brief
look at it ?


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