[xsl] fo:block keep-together

Subject: [xsl] fo:block keep-together
From: "Jan Weiss" <jweiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:15:42 +0100
hi all,

i have a problem to keep blocks in the rows of a table togehter.

each row can consist of two <fo:blocks>. if i reach the end of a page, the
blocks are devided, one is on the first the other one on the next page.
i would like to keep the two blocks together. if there is not enough space
on the current page, the whole row should be on the next page.
so a row should never be on two pages!

is there a way to do that? i tried:
						<fo:block keep-with-next="always">
							<xsl:value-of select="jhkhkj"/>
							<xsl:value-of select="dfhgf"/>



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