RE: [xsl] Collecting attributes from the ancestor-or-self axis

Subject: RE: [xsl] Collecting attributes from the ancestor-or-self axis
From: "WATKIN-JONES,ADAM (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1)" <adam_watkin-jones@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:26:43 -0000
Ah!  Thank you for the correction.  One feature of this mailing list I
appreciate is how sloppy thinking is put to the sword!

> From: David Carlisle
> > I believe this works as follows:
> more or less, yes.
> > 1. the select in copy-of returns a node-set in document 
> order.  At this
> > point the node set has duplicate attribute names.
> As I've said so often on this list that even Jeni's started saying it,
> set's don't have an order. So the select just selects the set 
> of nodes.
> Howver copy-of, in common with all other result building operations
> in xslt, processes the nodes in the set in document order, and so:
> > 2. when copy-of applies these attributes to the output element, the
> > duplication is removed by succeeding attribute nodes 
> overwriting the values
> > of any attributes that are already present.
> David

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