Re: [xsl] Dynamic XSL Templates

Subject: Re: [xsl] Dynamic XSL Templates
From: Oleg Tkachenko <olegt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 18:34:11 +0200
Bryan Kearney wrote:

Thanks for the info. How "standard" are extension functions? I am using
Xalan, so is the use if evaluate going to tie me to Xalan?

Actually, it'll tie you to xxx:evaluate-aware processors, that's not too good anyway.

The business case is that we have 3 documents, which have the same equivilant structure but different node names. So <parent><child> is essentialy equal to <p><c>. We can not pre-process the data to first transform <p><c> into <parent><child>. So, we hoped to have an intermediate template call the final template with the path to the data.

Huh, such simple "dynamic" XPath expressions don't have to be real dynamic, you probably can use *[name() = $name] idiom, as Chris pointed out.

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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