Re: [xsl] character entities

Subject: Re: [xsl] character entities
From: Brigit van Loggem <brigit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:46:24 +0100
Hello all,

I'm on the Digest, but I gather (from a cc Jeni sent to me direct) that at
least two of you have already re-stated the obvious that I SHOULD have
known but simply couldn't believe <g>...

In the meantime, I have found a relatively simple hack somewhere on the
Web, and I'm ashamed to say it seems to be from this list, and fairly
recent as well (two weeks before I joined...)! My apologies, most of all to
Zarella Randon, for not finding it before troubling you all.

It's the one I've used, it was relatively little work, and it's archived at


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