AW: [xsl] WG: folder-trouble

Subject: AW: [xsl] WG: folder-trouble
From: Arend Vogtländer <a.vogtlaender@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 14:21:33 +0100
well, errr,
it was this:
i wanted to use a special-file-ending ( .buf)
and now i found out that i was just too blind to
mention, that the files, i got back from rene had a
.xml ending, wich works fine, and mine hadn´t, and therefore changed the
space-characters against "%20",
well, things to find out.
now, is there a possibility to tell the system to use .buf files just as if
they were .xml files ?
i guess therefore has fiddling the regisrty to be done ?

thnx anyway

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This sounds like a path problem in the link you are generating. In the HTML
source produced, you probably have something like <A

Now, if you move mypage.html out of the /def/ directory, the absolute link
won't work any more.

The solution in this case would be to change the link to be a relative link,
e.g. <A HREF="mypage.html#hook">Linktext</A>

Now, I am making a lot of assumptions here -- you have not explained the
situation very well. It is likely that your problem is contained within the
XSL source, but that's not certain.

If you want a definitive answer you should post the xsl source.


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Subject: [xsl] WG: folder-trouble

hi, i have a xsl, creating a html-output with a tableofcontents, linked to
contents in the same document.
aftr rene helped me with it, it works out fine, IF i keep it in the folder.
I copied the whole thing into an other folder, to work at it again, and -
surprise! it won´t work anymore.
no, not anymore, just the important thing, linking inside one document,
doesn´t work. it tries to jump to an other document with the exactly same
name plus the #hook , (so it should do right), but i get the
page-not-found-site of the browser.
the working-folder is on the same device. both aren´t running through a
i guess i am just somewhat stupid by looking on the screen for some hours
too long, but... i don´t understand that.

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