[xsl] newbie : search an attribute's item

Subject: [xsl] newbie : search an attribute's item
From: Laurent Vaills <laurent.vaills@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 Nov 2001 17:32:38 +0100

I have this type of xml document :
<root><paragraph>blabla <font-size value="22">blablabla</font-size> bla
bla <font-size value="36">blabla</font-size></paragraph></root>

I want to be able to print it correctly so I have a stylesheet which
produces xsl:fo and then I can transform it into pdf with FOP.
The fo I have to produce is :
<fo:block line-height="38pt">blabla <fo:inline
font-size="22pt">blablabla</fo:inline> bla bla <fo:inline

What do I have to write in my paragraph's rule to be able to set the
line-height of fo:block to the max ot attributes value of font-size + 2


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