[xsl] Counting Nodes

Subject: [xsl] Counting Nodes
From: "Richard Jinks" <cyberthymia@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 08:46:48 -0000

More of an XPath question than an XSLT question, but it arose from an
example transformation, so this seems like a good place to ask...

Is the following expression legal?
It is supposed to count all nodes and attributes from the current context

The reason I'm asking is that I'm currently evaluating a few different XSLT
processers, with a view to using one of them in a product I'm working on.
I've noticed that different processers handle it differently, the main
stumbling block being the "//" by itself.

Usually, they work separately (i.e. count(//) and count(//@*) ), but a
couple (e.g. Apache's XalanC) seem to fall over when they are combined as

I've tried reading the XPath spec and the XSLT Programmers Reference (2nd
Ed), but I can't arrive at a conclusive decision.
They appear to imply that I can't use the // by itself, needing to follow it
with a node set (i.e. //* (which won't help, btw, as it doesn't count the
text nodes) ), but there are sections which suggest that I can use it as a
node set (e.g. AbbreviatedRelativeLocationPath, p354 of above book).

Please can someone help my confusion?

Richard Jinks

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