[xsl] Comparing a value

Subject: [xsl] Comparing a value
From: Hubert Thomaz Neto <hubert.thomaz@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 17:52:03 -0300
I got the following source for my

				     <xsl:when test = ".[. $eq$ '178003']"

where the RwValThresholdAgent just format my cell result turning it into a

If I use the $eq$ operator and then put the exact value between '', my
goes well.
But if I use the $gt$ operator it seems not to be working as it should. For
suppose my whole grid has no other values GREATER THAN '170000', only the
'178003' and '185000' cells.

If I use the $gt$ it formats all the cells that have a value from 2 to 9
(for example 25000, 70000,
45000, 83000 and so on, which are smaller than '170000') making them RED.
But the values of
'178003' and '185000' don?t get to be formatted in RED, which is what I?m
expecting to do, and not format the
other cells.

Does anyone know why this happens ???


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