[xsl] Binary output

Subject: [xsl] Binary output
From: "Burisch, Curtis" <Curtis.Burisch@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:59:51 -0000

I am going to produce a binary file from an XML source document. I have done
a web search on whether this is possible or not in XSLT, but my findings
were inconclusive. Has anyone succeeded in producing binary files using
Xalan? As far as I can tell, it shouldn't be a problem -- just use
<xsl:text>&#x21A4;</xsl:text> etc. etc. ... but the question is, will Xalan
have a fit if I use characters like &#x0; (ASCII 0) ???

It may be that I have to choose a different method for accomplishing this --
for example, just using C++ to create the binary file from the xml file.

Can anybody offer any insight into what I am trying to do?


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