[xsl] Getting rid of leading zeros in format-number

Subject: [xsl] Getting rid of leading zeros in format-number
From: Chuck White <chuckwh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:37:13 -0800
I've searched but haven't found the answer, so...

Is there a way to delete leading 0s in a number using format-number()? I
know how to get rid of trailing 0s, but not leading. I would like


to become


I suppose I should try a Java list, since the problem seems to be my
inability to grok the JDK 1.1 pattern mystery, but I'm hoping someone here
just happens to know the answer.

thanks much in advance!

Chuck White
The Tumeric Partnership
Author, Mastering XML, Premium Edition
Sybex Books, May, 2001

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