[xsl] linking within a document

Subject: [xsl] linking within a document
From: Adam Claridge <yafnaro@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 17:09:48 +1030
Hi List,

I am just embarking upon the XSL path and so please forgive a [possibly] very simple question.

My xml is something like:

      <id_name>person's name</id_name>
    <name>person's name</name>
    <some detail>xxxx</some detail>
   <as above>
   </as above>

I want to end up with an html doc that lists the names of the artists in a table at the top such that they link to the artists' individual table [which holds all their deatails] further down the page.

I can get the layout OK, but cannot figure out how to make the names link! Any and all advice is much appreciated.



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