[xsl] ANN: Essential XML Quick Reference (Addison Wesley) now available

Subject: [xsl] ANN: Essential XML Quick Reference (Addison Wesley) now available
From: "Aaron Skonnard" <aarons@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 11:27:34 -0700
Our new book, Essential XML Quick Reference, published by Addison Wesley is
now available[1]. It covers today's mainstream XML technologies (see TOC
below) in quick reference-style: syntax + concise examples. The form factor
is slightly bigger than an O'Reilly pocket reference.

We wrote this book as a companion to Essential XML (Addison Wesley)[2],
which conveys the conceptual framework of XML technologies. As such, the
quick reference avoids heavy prose and focuses on conveying syntax plus
clear, concise examples. Each chapter starts with a few paragraphs that
introduce the technology followed by pure quick reference content. The book
comes with bleeding tabs, detailed TOCs, headers/footers, and a thorough
index, all of which were designed to help you find answers fast.

The TOC is as follows:

1.  XML 1.0 and Namespaces
2.  Document Type Definitions
3.  XPath 1.0
4.  XPointer, XInclude, XML Base
5.  XSL Transformations 1.0
6.  SAX 2.0
7.  DOM Level 2
8.  XML Schema Datatypes
9.  XML Schema Structures
10. SOAP 1.1

Martin and I spend a great deal of our time teaching XML to developers. Over
the years we realized that what our students need is a concise XML reference
that summarizes all of the XML-related W3C specification rhetoric into one
small, easy-to-understand, place. We hope that this book fills that need.
You can see what others have to say about the quick reference below[3].

Aaron Skonnard
Author of Essential XML & The XML Files (MSDN Magazine)

Martin Gudgin
W3C WG Member (XML Schema & XML Protocol)

[1] Essential XML Quick Reference

[2] Essential XML

[3] Noteworthy quotes about Essential XML Quick Reference:

"A handy, comprehensive reference guide to all the latest XML and Web
services technologies. Skonnard and Gudgin give you all the details in one
  --Noah Mendelsohn, Distinguished Engineer, IBM and Lotus Development
Corporation, and coeditor of W3C XML Schema Recommendation

"If you are building XML-aware applications, attach this book to your
utility belt. You'll need it."
  --Mark Fussell, Program Manager for the XML Framework in .NET, Microsoft

"This book is a unique collection of reference material on the most relevant
XML-related standards, which takes the important W3C recommendations and
puts them all in context. Something that definitely needs to be on every XML
developer's desk!"
  --Alexander Falk, President and CEO of Altova, Inc., The XML Spy Company

"I think it is a wonderfully clear and concise summary of a great deal of
key XML material. I expect it to find a well-thumbed home on my bookshelf."
  --Mary Holstege, PhD, XML Architect, mathling.com, and W3C XML Schema
Working Group Member

"Finally, a complete and thorough reference book covering all of the most
important XML technologies, including the latest addition (XML Schema), in
one concise and consistent presentation. I will definitely have this book
close at hand."
  --Chris Lovett, Product Unit Manager, B2B Web Services, Microsoft

"Essential XML Quick Reference is one of the few printed references I would
actually buy."
  --Don Box, Series Editor, The DevelopMentor Series

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